austin trail of lights

As its signature event, Forefront Networks and 3Can Events together serve as the wraparound production, marketing and sponsorship partner for the Austin Trail of Lights – a 2-week community celebration over 15 days with more than 400,000 attendees. The 2nd largest event in Austin, the Trail of Lights is a distinctly Austin tradition that features more than 2 million lights, 40 lighted displays, a headliner stage, a hospitality area serving 20+ corporate parties and incorporates involvement from more than 90 brands and charitable foundations.


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brand enhancement and social amplification

  • Strategic Planning
  • Fully-integrated Campaigns (Consumer, Experiential, Digital, Print)
  • Executive Support and Project Management
  • Sampling and Product Distribution Management
  • Brand Ambassadors/Staffing Solutions Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Media Buys
  • Measurement and Analytics
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sponsorship and strategic philanthropy

  • Strategic Development and Planning
  • Vendor Summit
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Partnership Negotiation
  • Pricing strategy
  • Packaging
  • Pipleline Development
  • Sales
  • Fulfillment
  • Measurement and Analytics
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live and proprietary events

  • Event Planning and Management
  • Financial Management and Planning
  • Property Representation
  • Executive Support and Project Management
  • Environment Design
  • Production and Build
  • Programming and Content Development and Management
  • Creative Services
  • Sponsor Activation
  • Governmental Affairs


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event management

In addition to managing the entire event top to bottom, Forefront Networks fosters true brand interaction and collaborative development with its corporate and charitable partners. Forefront Networks offers full activation development, design and production inside the Trail of Lights resulting in a one-of-a-kind brand representation. Brands like NXP come to life through their Tiny Town display and Santa's House has been reimagined by Seton Healthcare.

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consumer marketing

The marketing team at Forefront Networks provides full-service, comprehensive marketing support for the Trail of Lights. Services include product development, full-integrated marketing campaigns, PR, social media management, digital marketing, sponsorship, design, content strategy, and ticketing.

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sponsorship consulting

Forefront Networks has built multi-year relationships with 50+ companies to be part of this community tradition. Services include sponsor program development and planning, sponsorship enhancement through custom curated activations, pricing strategy and development, full sales and fulfillment capabilities, portfolio and market forecasting and analysis, and contract negotiation.

select corporate partnerships

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vista equity partners

Vista Equity Partners worked with Forefront Networks to create multiple avenues at the Trail of Lights to highlight their community outreach and philanthropy, including both corporate-facing elements and through their family foundations. As a Title sponsor for Santa’s Workshop and Candy Land, Forefront Networks built multiple interactive experiences that generated 1.4 Million unique impressions created over 24,360 photos & videos. To the delight of children and families, the activations also distributed over 1,650 lbs of candy.

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seton healthcare

Seton Healthcare’s activation and employee volunteer program promoted its HumanCare advertising campaign and demonstrated its substantial community philanthropic efforts.

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university of texas at austin

Forefront Networks turned the Austin Trail of Lights "Burnt Orange" for the University of Texas at Austin featuring a special "UT Night at the Trail" with programming on two stages and a dedicated hospitality event.

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homeaway at the trail of lights

HomeAway at the Austin Trail of Lights highlighted the global company's headquarter presence in Austin. The partnership featured on-site activation, as well as a fully-intergrated marketing campaign, and was part of a national advertising campaign promoting non-traditional vacation destinations that leveraged Trail of Lights assets.

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Humana sought out Forefront Networks' help with brand awareness and became the title sponsor at the Trail of Lights’ highly attended Fun Run in 2014. Over the last 2 years, Forefront Networks and 3Can Events have brought in over 12,000 runners and 50+ expo participants for the highly anticipated run. The run's popularity provided Humana with over 114 million impressions during the 2015 season alone.


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